Sunday, January 25, 2009

New year... new us

Sorry its been so long but things have been busy around here. I've been losing my mind prepairing for science fair, both looking forward to the inaguration day and witnessing history, and we both have been working very hard to get healthy.

We've been eating right and working out (well he has.... i dont really do the gym... lmao). I'm so proud of us. one of our resolutions was to move towards the life and future we want for ourselves and our children. We've made it a point to only buy healthy food, and to try to go to church more regularly, and just live our lives as good role models for our "one day" kids.

Amazingly, these changes have helped us both as a couple and indiviuals. I honestly have found a new clarity in thinking and just day to day life. I've learned not to sweat the little things and to understand that there is no understanding of God's master plan.

What I can do is try to look for inspiration in my surrounding and experiance and hope for the best!

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