Saturday, January 31, 2009

Our future!!!!

Ok so this is too funny... its a website called you've gotta try it.

Since all of our friends are pregnant or having babies there's been alot of talk about what everyone's kids will look like. We got to talking about this website. And although we arent pregnant yet its kinda fun to figure out what our ids may look like, so i thought i'd let you all preview little Langston (girl) Or Channing (boy) !!!!

Ok so beside the fact that they will have a receeding hairline (lmao) and extremely short fro hair, i think our babies will be pretty darn cute. Infact, Langston sorta looks like my neice Ryleigh. What can i say we have good genes. Note: whenever i play with this website we get some pretty odd some times alienish pics, but i think these are kinda cute this time... what do you think????
You know what else would be cool is for people with babies to make a baby and see if they look anything alike!!!!!!!

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