Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fabulous 4!!!

so thursday lani turned 4 months !!!!
its so hard to believe that its been that long!

~she loves talking to that funny baby in the mirror
~ she likes to hold on to her bottle when you feed her and thinks its hilarious to push it in and out while you're feeding her.
~she knows her bottle
~She will fuss when you take something away from her
~As of today she will sit up in mommy's lap on her own, instead of me propping her up
~Her 3 month clothes are still big on her, but the rolls are definitely kicking in
~ She is currently eating 5 ounces and we are back to similac advanced. The soy actually made her more constipated
~We started her on assisted sitter baby foods on Easter. She is currently eating bananas, apples, and prunes. I think we will try peaches this week!
~She enjoys playing in the bath and splashing water
~Her babbling is starting to sound more conversational, and i'm pretty sure the friday before mothers day her crying sound like "maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa maaaaaaaaaaaaaa" (But that could just be wishful thinking)
~Both she and mommy have 14 days of school left and are counting down to summer vacation.
~She seems to think she is supposed to stand up all day
~Mommy is still the funniest person in the world

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  1. ashley she is too pretty!!!!that is your carbon-copy!!! Ummz


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