Thursday, September 16, 2010

Month 8 is Kind of a Big Deal!!!!

So there have been some big moves as we roll into month 8...
~ Lani has 2 teeth (finally) on the bottom... front and center
~ She and Mommy survived her 1st tornando!
~ She has had 2 ear infections
~ She is full on crawling, but seems to prefer the army crawl when in a hurry
~ She love love loves to eat!!!
~ She is more talkative
~ She pulls up on thing and turns around and lets go
~ She recognizes familiar faces 
~ Loves to eat mum mums (still), avocado, rice and beans, mangos, banana, and yogart
~ She officially has allergies and takes Zyrtec once a day (that's the Cummings in her)
~ She cries and screams when mommy comes to get her from daycare, or if anyone is watching her
~ She has had her first full on tantrum
~She has a boyfriend at daycare that she kisses through the crib and cries when he gets picked up early. 
~She is friendly to some people, but will give a dirty look in a minute 
~ She loves to jump and bounces when she hears music
~ She sings along to music
~ Her mumbling is starting to sound a lot more like words
~ When standing alone she tries to lift her leg and take a step

So as you can see there have been a lot of changes ... Seems like 8 months is going to be kid of a big deal!

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