Sunday, November 14, 2010

10 months = Miss Independent!!!!

I cant believe my sweet baby is 10 months old.  I'm almost in tears writing this post, because it makes me sad how much my baby has grown up.  

She is surviving the  cold weather very fashionably (as seen above)

she insists on feeding herself.  Hence a lot for table food
Today's breakfast, sausage, eggs, and pancakes
she had her first halloween which was a blast
She  is very social now and babbles up a storm

sometimes i'm convinced she is cursing at me by the tone of this babble .
Thanks to Miss Ana She makes this face everytime you say ojitos or she sees a camera

Thanks Ana... what a lovely habit! 

~She gives kisses when you say kiss kiss
~she dances and sings whenever music is on
~She has taken a step or two, but not completely walking on her own.  im guessing by next months post she will be walking up a storm.

~She wear 9 month clothes, size 3 diapers, weighs about 17 lbs (based on the diaper size), size 3 1/2 shoe

~she has 2 teeth but 2 more are peaking through.
~she is obsessed with electronics
Words: Daddy, kiss kiss, eat eat, top (stop), hey, yeah, bye, ta tu (thank you) 
Still no MAMA!!!!!

~drinking from her sippy cup every now and then
~Allergic to blueberries
~Loves sour stuff (pickles, lemons)
~eats: potatoes, crackers, pizza crust, chicken nuggets/tenders, loves loves loves french fries, avocado, jello, mango, peaches, peas, oranges, carrots, hot dogs, pears, and just about everything else

waives bye bye and constantly clapping for herself
this is a little showcase of her skills

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