Tuesday, May 17, 2011

16 and couting!!!

So hard for me to believe my baby doll is 16 months old.  I know i say it every month but its soooooo true. Each day she does or says something new and it never ceases to amaze me how much she has changed over the last year and a half. I even caught myself getting  little teary eyed watching her sleep today in her big girl pjs and in her own crib.  As many of you know our house was broken in last year,  on what was supposed to be Lani's first night in her room.  After that the slightest idea of her sleeping in her room caused major anxiety for both her and I. I have to admit though, its nice to have our room back, she was starting to take over...lol...

Sorry for the tangent, back to the update.  Things are going well.  Lani is obsessed with bubbles.  She recently began her my baby can read books, and can read the words "arm" and "hi".  pretty cool. (note: i have always been super skepitcal of MBCR but it seems to be working and she LOVES the videos).

She is talking up a storm and has developed a few 2 word phrases as well.  Her current vocab consists of:
"is ha"~ its hot
"who dat" (whenever  the phone rings)
"mommy" ~ finally i almost did a blog on just this!!!!
"sah"~ sock
"shuse"~ shoes
"ba ba" ~ she gets upset when she gets the sippy cup instead
"pappy" ~ pacifier
"hi"~ very long and drawn out
"shishy" ~ goldfish snack
"coco" ~ Miss Courtney her teacher
"me-mo" ~ elmo
She also repeats alot of words now!!! So i'm sure the vocab is definitely going to be improving soon.

More about Lani~
She has to have sleepy bear to go to sleep
She is constantly turning the tv off and on
She loves loves loves sesame street
Wearing size 4 diapers at night
Starting taking her allergy meds straight, instead of in her bottle.  Seems to help some.
Cut her molars

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