Sunday, February 5, 2012

Can You Tell Me How To Get To Lani Street?

For Lani's 2nd birthday we had a Sesame Street birthday party! Unfortunately i lost my camera that morning, so I had to wait until her Auntie Jane and Auntie Arry sent me pics!!!

unlike last year, it was a beautiful warm day.

 The kids played outside.

we made pizza and sundaes.

 Even some of the adults got in on the action

 All in all we had an awesome day

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  1. Happy HAPPY birthday to your PRECIOUS little girl!! I love the Langston Elmo outfit! :)

    Ash- been keeping up with your blog; and sending lots of big hugs and prayers your way. I know it has been years, but what comes to mind when I think of you is the big smile you always wore!


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