Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Birthday Under the Sea

For Lani's bday, we went to the Dallas World Aquarium. It was so nice to take a day off of work and spend it as a family.   Considering its winter time, and Lani loves animals, the DWA was a great choice for her birthday.

We got up early and headed out after breakfast. 

Of course Lani still needed a little snack before we made it.

Lani was in heaven. When we walked in there were monkeys swinging in the "Rain Forest" over our heads. Lani was so excited she started making her monkey noise, as if she could talk to them!

 She also loved all the "shishes" (fishies) everywhere!!!

And was even able to get a closer look at all the birds!

The "big birds" were "pitty"

and the sting rays were pretty cool too!

Here are a few pics~

Love birds!

The manatee tank~

Can't Wait til we go again!

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