Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lions Tigers and Tonsils. Oh my!

So I've been MIA again, but I've had one sick kiddo on my hands. Right after my FW zoo post Lani had a never ending runny nose. After a few days she began to mention her eyes hurting, so I made an appointment with Dr. F. He and I were on the same page, thinking it was a sinus infection, due to her horrible allergies. Just as a precaution he ran a strep and flu test. Turns out she had strep and a sinus infection. Poor baby. So as always we started the antibiotics and she seemed better in no time.

After the FWZ Lani had been asking to see the elephants every day. It had been a week since she went to the dr. Since she was feeling better, we decided to head to the Dallas zoo.

That afternoon she became very snotty and running a low fever. The next morning. Since it was Sunday, I took her to pediatrics after hours (awesome by the way!!!) turns out she had strep again an ear infection, and another sinus infection. The dr on call suggested we follow up with her ENT. Monday am we went to see Dr. Moore who decided she needed to have her tonsils and adenoids removed, and another pair of tubes out in (cue tears from mommy.) we would have to wait a week since she was on antibiotics, but he was adamant that they were taken out with in a week.

Fast forward to Thursday. We checked in at 5:30 am, at Baylor Frisco. The hospital and staff were all amazing and very comforting to a nervous mommy. Sean and I were able to stay with her until she went back for the surgery, then we waited in The lobby for 45 mins, although it seemed like a life time. Dr Moore came out to tell us how great things went, but that she would be miserable the first day and a 1/2. And miserable she was. It brought tears to my eyes. I'm so greatful head her stay over night for observations, because it was scary. She was extremely nauseated, and ended up dehydrated with a fever of 106. After doubling her iv fluids and giving her phenigan fir the nausea she finally started to come around. They ended up releasing her Friday around 1. Other than a temp during the night she really has been great. She is eating, and dancing, and being her normal "spirited" self.

I would post pics from the last few week but don't know how from my iPad. So i'll add more later

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