Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I have a 2 1/2 year old....

I am amazed every time i realize that my baby doll is 2 1/2.

It couldn't have been that long ago that i was cuddling with my adorable newborn.

So what can i tell you about Miss Langston

In the last month, we have been all about princess, chipmunks, and spider man.  
Every night before bed we have to watch "Nini Princess" which is either Beauty and the Beast or Princess Frog. 

Spider-Man 2 Poster
She Know Toby Maguire from a mile away and kio09nstantly hits the spider man pose!!!

She loves horses and animal, and occasionally (at least once a day) pretends she's a puppy dog.  I was a bit relieved when i picked her up from school today and they were all pretending to be puppy dogs.

She had her first round of strep again since having her tonsils removed, and is no longer on allergy medicine!!!! This is by far the biggest deal for me. 

As you all know i was super nervous about her surgery, but am quite sure now, that this was all for the best.  We still give her allergy medicine, when she is going to be outside for long periods of time, but no more AM, PM, meds, and asthma meds, breathing treatements, inhailers, vaporizers.  

So what can Miss Langston do:
~She knows her letters and colors
~can count to 15 with out help, and 20 with help
~ She loves to sing songs, especially the monkey song, itsy bitsy spider, i caught a baby bumble bee... 

(here is a video from her mothers day program at school and one of her singing happy bday to her God Father Amir "Amirror")

~Love to say "No I Big Girl". in fact these words may be the death of me!!! Any time you try to help her do anything, she screams it.  While i love that she is becoming more independent, it has added about 15 minutes to our morning routine.

~V.S. has decided to revamp her role for the summer. She is going for a little more drama and tears this time around. Temper tantrums kick in at the most random moments.   the most common melt downs are because she didnt get to buckle her seat belt, or turn off the tv.  We also have them when someone "finds" something that wasnt hidden, and it was her turn.  We hear "My turn" usually right after "I big girl"

~ She loves her dogs and will sit in the window watching them forever.  Poor things is they are inside, she is hugging them so tight that it looks like they are in headlocks

~She is back to taking baths again, but prefers showers.  
~She is constantly saying something is yucky
~ Loves Loves Loves Miss Lien, and wants to get her nails painted every day if she could. She is constantly walking around showing people her nails
~She loves pretty dresses and carrying her purse around.  She also puts on her sun glasses the minute we get in the car
~she has a leap frog learning pad that she calls her Ipad


  1. how cute! sounds like she really keeps you on your toes!

  2. Can't wait to meet this little firecracker darling!!!


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