Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas Baby!

We are one week into Christmas break and having so much fun!!!

It started Friday with my last day of school and Lani's Christmas party!

She was so excited to be "Santa's helper" and  to give her classmates their presents

As usual we had to do some last minute shopping and a long wait in line to see Santa

She was such a big girl and told Santa she wanted playdoh, a Barbie house, and black boots! She was so excited to meet him! We waited in line for an hour and so she could be first in line to see him!!!
After that she was even more excited for Christmas to arrive!!!

So Christmas Eve we made cookies and  set them out with a glass of milk for Santa.  She wanted them in her room and in the den so Santa would leave presents under both trees!!! She also mentioned that Santa wanted EggNot (nog) too!!! So we had to leave that as well!!


 So we set out the cookies, then drove around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights. When we returned home Lani had no interest in going to bed! But we reminded her that Santa only comes when you are sleeping! So we climbed into bed and watched Its a Wonderful Life!

After a little stalling, she fell asleep! We got up, put out the presents, and Santa aka Sean made sure the cookies, egg nog, and milk were all gone!

The next morning she woke up and sang happy birthday to Jesus! We said a prayer thanking Jesus for this special day, then went to check out the presents!

She opened a few presents then said she wasn't feeling well.  After a few she started to cough and wheeze so we ended up hanging out in the shower and using her inhaler! She really wasn't in the mood to open more presents, so we chilled on the couch and watched the Christmas story as the rain poured out side.

A little later we face-timed with Uncle Ronnie, Aunt Paula, Aunt San and Cousin Brandy! they were able to watch Lani open the  presents they sent, which was so fun! gotta love technology!

Soon after my parents arrived and we began to cook our Surf and Turf meal!

 i was even able to put all those Lindor chocolates to good use with these white chocolate butter pecan cupcakes! thank you pinterest!!

My cousin GiGi made these awesome stuffed strawberries!!!

And to top it all off, it snowed!!! Although Lani, BB and I were the only ones willing to brave the weather

here are a few more pics of the day

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