Saturday, January 12, 2013

One day we will look back and laugh....

Or at least that's what Sean's mom tells me.  But right now this weekend seems anything but funny.

It all began Wednesday night when i got home from our first basketball game. My throat was a little sore so i decided to take some night time cold and flu medicine as a preventative, considering its flu season.

The next morning i woke up feeling stuffy, but had cheer practice at 6:50 so i decided it was just best i went to work.  My mom gave me some alka seltzer cold and flu, since it helped her the week before.

I went to work and about an hour later felt horrible. l i told my principal i was going to try to make it through the day, and would stay home Friday so i could be better for Lani's bday.  but by the ti me i talked to my neighbor/buddy/and dept head 2nd period, i wasn't so sure that would happen.  And before i could make it to the front office, she had already told them i needed to go home.  One of the great things about my school is the "family" we have there.  everyone just picked up the ball, and i left!

Despite my better judgement I agreed to let Sean take care of me.  He seems to think he is invincible against   all illness and wouldn't take any precautions (hahaha... wrong).  He got me some breakfast and waited on me all day, since i wasn't able to get into the drs office until 4pm,

i pretty much slept from 10-3:30 when i left for the doctor.  When i got  there they took my temp, which was a lovely 101.5, and did a flu and strep test.

i wasn't too optimistic considering i heard the nurse tell both the rooms next door to me, their tests were positive.  And you guesses it 3rd ones the charm. The dr said i would need to take tamiflu immediately and that i was highly contagious.  i of course thought it was like antibiotics and after 24 hours i would be fine.  WRONG! The nurse informed me since Lani was still on her 6 weeks of antibiotics for a horrible sinus infection, and unable to get a flu shot.  i needed to stay away the entire 5 day.  CUE BALLING

i was so, and am still so upset.  because this weekend is Lani's 3rd bday, and there was so much left to do! i still had to make the goodie bags for her party at school...order the cupcakes... get things ready for the aquarium Saturday...make arraignments for her tea party playdate Sunday... you see, there's no time for the flu.

so i continued to ball for most of the night.  Sean took care of me Friday, but actually kept some distance.  but it was too late, Friday night his symptoms kicked in!!!

did i also mention I've never been away from Lani longer than a weekend!!!!

So talking to my mother in law, she was telling me how this would be a story we could tell Lani one day, and laugh about. but right now, it doesn't seem that funny :(

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  1. oh no! that is so heartbreaking! are you and your husband feeling better now?


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