Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lani's 4 year old Shoot and Stats (a few months late)

Some how some way my little baby has turned 4!!!! 

She is even more feisty than she was last year, and has too much attitude for one little girl.  She constantly amazes me how smart and well spoken she is, to the point that people constantly ask us how old she is. 

 Our doctor has even suggested having her tested for giftedness, which is nice since her teacher mentioned she might have some learning delays (don't get me started).
She  is obsessed with ballet class,  the movie Frozen, and getting married.  She  knows quite a few site words.  can write her name as well as ours.  She knows her phone number and home address, and randomly what everyone in the family is allergic too 0_o
But i thought i'd let her tell you about herself in with this little survey
 Favorite food: Pizza, Yogurt, Strawberries and Raspberries

Favorite Sport: Cheerleading and Soccer

Favorite TV Show: Doc Mcstuffins and Sophia the First

Favorite thing to do at school: Play outside

If i could take an airplane any where i would go to : Dea's house and Cinderella's castle

Favorite Color: Pink and Purple

When i grow up i want to be a : FIREGIRL (its like a fireman but its  girl ; D )

favorite song: Thriftshop by Macklemore

Favorite book: Pete the Cat and Pinkalicious
3 words that mommy uses to describe you:
 sweet, sassy, and  persistent 
Favorite time of year: summer
Favorite snack: fruit snacks, cheese sticks, go-gurts,    and pretzels

Yuckiest food: blueberries and ketchup
My best friend at school: Sophia and Malachi
Other friends at school: Charlotte, Evan, Rainey, Charlie, Cristina, Makenna, Henley, Nathan, Bradley

Places I want to go: Mexico for Papi's birthday
Someone i miss: my dog bella
Favorite pet: a kitty cat (that we dont have) and Benz 
Teachers: Miss Rau & Miss Amy
 Favorite kind of ice cream: Strawberry sherbet

Favorite Movie: Frozen and tinkerbell

So every year I write a letter to Lani a letter. This year I decided to create an email address for her, and shared it with our close family and friends.  i've also sent her videos of herself, hoping that one day she will look back at all these.  if you are interested in emailing her let me know and i will send you the link privately! 

But just incase here we go...

Dear Lani~ 
This past year has been rough... you are growing into your own person and challenge Daddy and I every day.  With that said I admire your spirit and spunk and it leaves me with the confidence that you will be a leader in your future and will stand up for what you believe in.  You are also a truly compassionate soul.  I pray that these qualities carry you forever.  I love you so very 
much and thank God every day that I was chosen to be your mommy! 

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