Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lets play Catch up... and Lani is 4

So  I have to be completely honest... i have not been keeping up with my blog. However, one of my goal for 2014 is to post more regularly!

 So i figured it was best to start with the beginning of the year...

The new year started off pretty great!  
I was blessed to get an awesome new car about a week into the new year!!! 

Then we had Lani's 4th bday. 

We began celebrating her birthday with a party at school, then a trip to the aquarium

Spent some time working on Little Miss Sass a Frass

i took pics for my uncle's wedding

Lani ended up in the hospital with stitches

Luckily she was able to get them out the day before the party.

This year we celebrated her birthday with a tea party at the American Girls Store.  She and her friend were so cute and well behaved.  

Nini and Dea were busy opening presents!!!

Lani and her BFF Sophia

Lani's liitle Cousin Kendyll! These two sweet cousins love each other so much.  It makes my heart smile to watch them on face time together.  

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