Thursday, July 31, 2014

2 weeks

2 weeks ago today at 5:52 my phone rang with the call i'd been dreading since 4:44 that morning.  i woke up on a the cruise ship somewhere in Louisiana to a group of text messages.  None of them from Sean.  I tried to call him but no answer..... i text no answer.... thats odd... but i went back to sleep... i woke up again and called again still no answer... i continued to call and text until 10:00 am, when i told Gin that something was wrong.  There was no way it was this late and Sean hadn't answered....

Instead of hanging around New Orleans for the day we would hit the road immediately.  At noon i started calling and texting his family and friends. No one had heard from him since Monday.  Panic set in.  His best friend Shawn called at 12:30 and said not to panic but "Sean was a no call, no show for work for two days."  My heart sank.... the man who worked through the flu, would never miss two days without calling... i called his mom and sister back.  we pulled over at a Mc Donalds in some small town and i broke down in the car as Gin took Lani inside to grab food... His sister told me to pray but i knew in my heart that this was not going to end well.

 I begin to pray that he collapsed, maybe he would be hospitalized, anything but dead...

His mom called 911 and they did a well fare check... "everything looks fine"

i logged into the alarm system from my phone and saw it hadn't been disarmed since it was set monday night before bed.... i called and text my neighbor... they went and checked and could see that our dog was still in the house....

i called 911 again, still in Louisiana...   they transferred me to longview tx 911, who eventually connected me to Garland 911... She forwarded me to the police department... after making my way through levels of the police department, the police chief finally agreed to break down the door...  I was told i would receive a call in 30 minutes... at 5:52 the phone rang and everything changed

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