Friday, September 18, 2015

Where oh where have The Harris' been???

Its been such a long time since i've blogged that I'm not sure where to begin...

L has officially began kinder and is thriving.  She absolutely loves her school and her teacher, and apparently has a new boyfriend lol.

I've changed grades and am enjoying my new role, although i miss my older babies and coaching.

I would love to say that i have this awesome update for you, but in all truthfulness we are just living our boring little lives, in our own little world.

And considering how insane the last few years have been, i'm ok with that


  1. I'm happy that life has slowed itself down for you. You know since I don't have anymore social media accounts it's hard to keep up with old friends. I feel like it's the 90s Glad to see you all are doing well!

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  3. Awwww thank you @des hope you and the family are doing well! Lots of fun times and memories with you old friend 😊


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