Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wishful Wednesday ....Lost

'I wish' .... I hadn't lost my mind.....
Ok so maybe it isnt completely lost, but it is a bit dishoveled. 
I mean when i was pregnant i heard about pregnancy brain, but no one told me that it never really returns to normal. To my defense, I no longer put random things in the refrigerator (i.e. the phone). But i will walk to the kitchen or bedroom numerous times with no idea of what i went to the room for.

So what have you lost?


  1. Ok that is hysterical -- One day hopefully I will relate :)

  2. girl....i will go somewhere and forget why i am going there in the first place (so i do the same thing too ash)and then i have sometimes had to go down the list of my children's name out loud before i finally call the right child's name that i am looking care and God bless, ummmz


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