Sunday, August 15, 2010

Final Day of Summer :(

Today is my last day of summer vacation and I'm feeling a little heart broken.  Some things i will miss more than others, but for the most part I'm just going to miss everything.

 Today has been super emotional for me, including a few tears.  I think maybe if Lani was 100% well I would feel a little more relaxed, but the fact that she has this stinky rash from her antibiotics, and is still super cranky makes me sad. I guess its just a part of being a mom, even though i know shes still in good hands, i just want to be with her....
I know i should be thankful that i got to spend the last 2 months with her,  but it truly went by way to fast. She is growing so big, and the next vacation i have, we will be preparing for her first thanksgiving, Christmas, and birthday....  

Dear Lani~ 

You are the best thing I've ever done, and my favorite person in the world.  You have brought so much joy to my life, and my heart is breaking thinking that i wont get to see your sweet smile all day.  thank you for being such a wild, crazy, loving, beautiful part of my life. You make me strive to be a better woman, mother and wife.  I love you babydoll.


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