Friday, August 13, 2010

Not so Lucky Number 7 ....... (Month Update)

Wednesday Lani officially turned 30 weeks and a pretty crummy...

It began with mommy having to go in to work for a while so my cousin was going to watch Lani.  I hand Lani to her and go to finish getting dress, when what do i hear... my baby SCREAMING!!!!  She has fallen off the couch... Her first fall off of anything might I add... Now in my cousin's defense she was trying to get Lani to take a nap by laying with her on the couch... Needless to say this was not very comforting to mommy...


Lani  has a low fever and is rubbing her gums... ok its a teething fever.  i give her a little Tylenol and she seems fine for a while but then starts SCREAMING!!!  I ask when was her last nap? Only to find out she hasn't had a nap today.... Ahhhhhh ..... Sound the Crazy Mommy Alarm... I'm officially pissed.... My cousin says my bro in law woke her, he says she told him to move her, and some how all this adds up to my baby not having a nap ALL DAY!!!. I give her a lavender bath and get her to take a nap for about an hour, when my mom calls to tell me my cousins are in town from D.C. I take Lani over for her to meet them and things seem to be going fine, until suddenly she becomes very irritable. I pick her up, and she is on fire. I'm looking everywhere in the baby bag for her thermometer, but cant find it and no one has one.  I give her some Tylenol and ice water, and wait for her to calm down some before driving home.  I get to the house and check her temp to find out its a 103 degrees.   Panic Officially Begins! We check 2 more times with the temporal scanner and once with an anal temp all reading between 102-103... we call the Dr and he tells us to go straight to the emergency room.  After about an hour of waiting we find out she has a double ear infection and some viral infection.  her only symptom that we could see or tell was a few boogies in the nose : (

its around 11:00 at this point and we still have to find the 24 hour pharmacy... what a start to month 7!!!

~ Can sit unassisted.
~ Pulls up and tries to stand but falls (she thinks its hilarious)
~ Eating more variety of food
~ Not a fan of the sippy cup but like to drink from mommy and daddy's glass
~ First ear infection
~ First ER visit
~ First plane trip
~ First time to Elpaso
~ Loves to eat ice cream and popsicles (thanks to Nini)
~ Weighs 13 lbs
~ Says:  Yeah, Hey, and Dada 

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