Sunday, August 22, 2010

He knew i needed it.... and the "snack time bandit"!!!

 So you know what this pic means....Schools back in (by the way this our annual convocation pic.  Follow Kat and little Miss Addy G on their blog.)

So we all know that i've been a little sad about returning to work, and with open house on Thursday night, I was super sad... That is until i walked into Lanis daycare and she saw me.  She was sitting on her teachers lap, and got a huge smile.  she climbed down and got onto all fours.  After a few rocks she crawled right over to me... (Cue tears!!!!!) My baby crawled for the 1st time, and i was there to see it! God knew I needed that Ray of Sunshine in such a difficult week!!!  Now maybe if we are lucky she will let me record it!


our other news... it seems my child may be a little bit of a sticky fingers!!!
When i went to pick her up from school Wednesday, the teacher mentioned to me that we might want to send Lani finger foods.  Mind you, I haven't been giving her any finger foods, except for mum mums because she doesnt have any teeth....

Well apparently that wasnt enough, because VS appeared and took the other baby's finger foods.... (SO EMBARRASSED!) Her sweet teacher mentioned we may want to start sending Lani some snacks of her own.  That night i chopped up bananas and avocados in tiny chunks and they were a hit.

She like them so much that the teacher said she ate all of them the next day. An entire banana, 1/2 an avocado and her usual jar of baby food, cereal, and a few bottles in between.  Dont let the size fool you, GIRL CAN EAT!!!

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