Monday, December 13, 2010

11 months and almost done!!!

It's so hard to believe that my doll baby is  months today.

~ She is walking

~ She calls me Aggy or Ash
~ She is completely obsessed with telephones.Everything is a phone and she puts it to her ear and says "Yes?" as if someone is asking her a question... too funny
~ She has teeth
~ Insists on feeding herself
~Loves playing "Where's Lani?"... for hours...
~ Dances whenever you say "go lani go"
~sings along to the radio or if someone sings to her
~rocks her head to music
~gets super excited when backyardigans is on tv
~ She still loves her fruit and hot dogs, but also likes chicken, french fries, noodles, and any type of beans

~She met Santa and was terrified 

~ She uses her ducky bath now
~ Wearing clothes
~ All of her play date friends have turned one
~ Celebrated her first thanksgiving and her 1st Christmas tree (she claps and says yeah whenever i turn on the lights) * she ate turkey, sweet potatoes, squash, mash potatoes
~survived her 1st black friday shopping
~Helped mommy and Nini decorate the grandparents Christmas tree (although she refused to touch the actually tree, and jumped whenever she felt it)   
~ Loves cake (thanks to all the bday parties) especially Red Velvet!

We are currently planning her  1st bday party, so pics will be coming soon.

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  1. YAY Lani!!! You are such a big girl, we can't wait to celebrate your first birthday with you!!!


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