Sunday, April 17, 2011

15 month update!!!!

Its hard to believe my baby girl is 15 months already.  This month has definitely began with its fair share of struggles.  

My dear sweet Lani seems to be reprising her role as Veruca Salt,
we are having tantrums left and right... I didnt realize the terrible two's showed up so early.

Despite the tantrums, my little Lani has had some great points this month too.
She is super funny, and her personality is shining through.
She loves to dance anytime she hears music
She will run to you and scream "whoa whoa whoa" (meaning row row row your boat)
She knows all the motions to :if you're happy and you know it"
everytime she drops something says "uh-oh"
Loves to blow kisses and says "Muah"
She will sit on the floor with a book and babble while she turns the pages and pretends to read
if you show her something she will hold her hands in the air and say "WOW!!" or "WHOA"

Other words in her vocab:
no no no
Ya Ya~ my mom's new name
Papi~my dad (he was papa, but he seems to like papi)
YEAH!!! (everytime we sing "if your happy and you know it")
Sheese~ cheese
JABBA JABBA JABBA~ not sure what this means but she says it all the time
tank you~thank you
hi (all though it sounds like hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii)
i saw-e~ i'm sorry
pease~ please

The allergy specialist has now decided that Lani does not have severe allergies, but a severe sinus infection that was never cleared up.  She decided to add on 2 more weeks of antibiotics (making a grand total of 4 weeks).  As a result we have also had to start adding probiotic granules to her drinks as well to keep down.  She also said Lani is not allergic to blueberries, citrus, or dogs.  Needless to say I'm still a little doubtful, considering the weezing, hives, or sneezing that these things have triggered. 

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