Saturday, April 2, 2011

Adenoids are No April Fools Joke :(

So Sean took Lani yesterday for allergy testing. We were supposed to have it done over spring break and my poor baby ended up with strep throat.

Now as you know I try to schedule every appointment so that I can be there, but unfortunately there was no way around this one. I had Sean text me once he got there, and when i called back, the doctor just happened to come in. I felt like i was getting to be there in spirit, so that was comforting.

The doctor talks for second then says that Lani has a sinus infection, and her adenoids and tonsils are swollen. to make matters worse he decided that she needed to have an x~ray to decide whether or not she needs to have the removed asap!!! All I heard was "SURGERY!" (cue tears)

So now we are waiting to hear back whether or not she will need another surgery, as well as letting us know exactly what she is allergic too...


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  1. Poor Lani. :( Her and Addison are in the same boat. We had the X-ray done last week too. It sounds so scary but it only took 2 minutes. It was just tricky because she had to sit still.


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