Monday, July 18, 2011

18 & Some!!!

So as I was looking for the last update to see what changed, I realized i never posted one last month. 

So my baby girl has been getting so big. 
She is super talkative and we are making a brave attempt at potty training.

She is super busy, and always into something!
she loves to dance and is constantly playing in her kitchen!
She has 10 teeth (and one peeking through), and im pretty sure i have dealt with each of them cutting through right now.

Those lovely allergies are starting to make their presence again, and have lead to one round of antibiotics and i'm pretty sure after today's appointment will lead to one more.

Lani's vocab~
Apple~ she usually is referring to elmo!
Buh-buh~ book
Poo-poo, ooooooooooooooh tinky~ yelled loudly everytime she goes poo poo
E-E~ Eat Eat, which she usually does with the sign
NOOOOOOOOOOOOO~ and its long and in all caps because thats how she says it
Don nee me~Dont leave me
Pease~ please (she fold her hands under her face like she is begging)
Sheese~ Cheese
Shishies~ fishies
Mummy~ mommy with a british accent
papu~ pacifier
papi~ my dads name
ya ya or ni ni~ my mom
coco~ her teacher courtney
chuse~ juice
babu~ bottle
kissy~ when ever she is hurt and wants you to kiss her bobo
pee pee
baw~ ball
ah gaun~ all gone
ah done~ all done
tank you~ thank you
whoa whoa whoa~row row row (your boat)

she loves to sing:
itsy bitsy (spider), whoa whoa whoa, bubba bubba (baby bumble bee), tinka tinka (twinkle twinkle)

she loves to jump in the bed, will spin in circles for ever, and is super independent.  she loves to do things and fix things herself.

the dr decided to wait on the antibiotics today, and just up her allergy meds for a little while.  She said lani is now in the 15th percentile which is awesome since she was in the 1st percentile at birth.  She currently weighs 20lbs and is 31 inches long.  (big difference from 5lbs 10oz and 16 in at birth)

im sure there is a lot  more that im missing but i will be sure to keep you updated

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