Sunday, July 31, 2011

What We've been up to...

I would love to say its been a super exciting a and busy summer, but truthfully, it hasn't.
For the most part its been Lani and I hanging out with my mom, and us cracking up about how silly Lani is.
Watching her run around and act goofy; including her yelling "beep beep" whenever anyone gets in her way.

But there have been somethings i've been meaning to post about:

         ~ Goodbye Bailey
         ~ Cheer Camp/ return to coaching
         ~  Apple
        ~ The Brown Wedding
         ~ Water Baby
         ~ SAHM
         ~ Visit from Dea (which is now plural since she will be back tomorrow and i still havent posted from the last one)
         ~ Tuesday/Thursday girls day with my mom

I know i've really been slacking on the posts, but being a SAHM (just for the summer) is exhausting

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