Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Worst Mommy Ever!!!!!!/SAHM?????

Days like today i feel like the worst mommy ever! It's 6:30 and all i can do is pray that my baby girl goes to bed early tonight because im absolutely exhausted, frustrated, and overwhelmed.  I find myself wondering how full time SAHMs do it???? I wake up at 7:30 am to the screaming of "MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYYY! GET BABA" (no exaggeration) or" ELLLLLLLLLLLLMMMMMMMMMMMOOOOOOOOOOO"; who btw will be getting his own blog post, because in our house he is a superstar.... And my day is full speed until nap time (which i am usually crashed right next to her) or until bed time, which has gotten gradually later this summer! Some days i find myself wondering, "Did i bathe today?" "When was the last time i ate" "Are there other shows on tv besides backyardigans, sesame street, and yo gabba gabba?" "I swear i just cleaned this room!" (SN: i do bathe daily, and these thoughts and feelings dont happen everyday incase you were wondering)

I have learned so many new tricks of the trade over the last 3 months....

~ you can vacuum just about anything up, and attachments are my best friend!
~ nothing cures a meltdown/tantrum filled day like a lavender bubble bath with bath bombs, aka fizzy tub colors for kids 
~ no matter how many times you clean up, it will get messed up again  so try not to stress to much
~DONT DO OR SAY ANYTHING YOU DONT WANT REPEATED AROUND A TODDLER. (we are currently working on removing the "S" word from our vocabulary)

As well as many other things....

As much as i love my baby girl, I have to admit, I'm counting down to going back to work, being able to go the bathroom alone, having 15 minutes to my self to breath, or just adult interaction on a daily basis.  And i feel horrible, because i think of the millions of people who have lost children or cant have them, and would give everything to switch places with me.  I was watching the today show this am, and this clip made me feel a little better to know that i wasn't alone! So I felt a little obligated to share this post with all the other WME(worst mommy's ever); you are not alone, and to let all my SAHM friends know: YOU ARE MY HERO! It takes extreme strength and patience to do your job, and you ladies dont get enough credit!

SN: As i'm typing this post, im sitting on the bathroom floor while lani takes a bath.  she just pooted and annouced "OOOOOOOOOOOO We Stinky!" Then burst out laughing. I couldnt help but crack up too.  And everything that i was just feeling and cranky about just went out the window! Gotta love that crazy girl of mine!

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