Sunday, December 18, 2011

May Your Days Be Merry And Bright....

Yesterday we took Lani to see Santa. 
After last years reaction, i was a little nervous.

So I have been talking to her about Santa.
Showing her picture of Santa.
All in hopes that things would go well.

So we went to the mall yesterday, and the line was surprisingly short.
Shortly after one of "Santa's Elves" arrive to tell us, that Santa will be on break from 5-6, mind you it's 4:30, so expect a 2 hour wait. (YEAH!!!)

We figured what the heck, and decided to hang out in line.

Coloring to help pass the time

After 2 AWESOME HOURS, we made it in!

Not quite as big as a  polar bear cub! 

Meeting the Ice Princess (she was sooo excited)

 The Snow Room! By far her favorite part

I was thinking to myself this is awesome.  
Next stop, Santa!

Before we got close i asked Lani "Who is that?"
Lani~ "San Cause"
Me~ "Do you want to take a picture with Santa?"
Lani~"Yeah!" (nonchalantly)
Santa~ "Hi Lani!"
Enter Screaming child.
It was all down hill from there.  
After 10 or so failed shots with Santa and Mrs. Claus, we decided it may be better if I were in the pic too!
The funniest part, is although she looks like she is smiling in the pic, she is actually trying to get away from Santa!

 I was lucky to get a lot of great shots yesterday!
I would say all in all it was a success

So From Our Family To Your... 

May Your Days Be Merry And Bright.
Merry Christmas 
Love, The Harris Family

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