Monday, December 19, 2011

Just 1 Month shy of 2!!!!

It is so amazing to me that my baby girl is almost two.
It seems like only yesterday i was blogging about being 9 months preggo and miserable or her being 11 months old. Often I go back and read those posts, or the post from when she was born in awe at what a miracle she has been in our lives.
(Time to refocus before the tears start back)
So what is Lani up to...
~She has successfully quit biting since she moved to the 2 year old room.
(i must say this could have been avoided had they moved her a long time ago but dont even want to go there.Did i ever post my blog about biting??? note to self: check that)
~She Loves Loves Loves "Baby" (her doll) and her purse. She puts Baby in the stroller every morning, grabs her purse, waive bye, and says "See Ya Mommy". Not quite sure where all she is going, but i know the visit her kitchen area in the den, and the play house in her bed room regularly.
~She Love to "showa" instead of taking baths. I think this is because she sees everyone else shower.
~She made her first trip to NYC (post coming soon as my cousin sends me the pics. Shout out to Matty)
~She had her first Junior's Cheesecake experience an is also addicted!
~Her language skills have been improving greatly. I can actually understand what she is asking most of the time.
~She will tell you "Go nigth night" and grab her blankie when she is sleepy
~She loves to say her prayers before bed and proudly announces "ANEN" when we finish (we are working on saying Amen)
~She recognizes more voices on the phone and will ask to call them.
~She loves to look at pics and ask who they are or yell their names if she knows them 
~she is obsessed with "boogies" and will pick your nose or make you pick hers
~ She loves to dance, especially to Elmo and Backyardigans
~She loves to cuddle
 ~She is even more obsessed with cell phones, and now knows how to call her favorite people, thanks to my favorites button. So if you get a call from my phone and its silent or random babble and screaming, thats Lani
~She knows how to use my Ipad better than i do. I swear Sean bought it for my bday but she has taken it over.
 ~She has added Barney and Bee bop (baby bop) to her tv request.  mind you we never watched barney when she asked so I'm assuming this one started at Nini's house
~She is still a very picky eater.  Her main eats consist of bananas, avocado, chicken, soy milk, apple/carrot juice, cereal, oreos, mac and cheese, rice, and most beans and veggies.
My mom introduced her to lollipops at Halloween, so now she constantly asking for candy. I usually tell her its all gone, but she points to the bowl and asks again
~She loves the dogs (Bella came over while we were in NYC and never left)
~She knocks at the door then yell "whose it"
~Tries to force people to kiss her feet or bite her toe nails. lol
~She knows Mommy's, Brian's Daddy's, Nini's, and Poppy's car and announces when she she's them
~She still loves book and will had it to you and say "Weed it"
~She knows most of the sesame street characters names
~She sings along to the radio. Especially Adelle.  My mom says she has an old soul
~She knows the name and sound or actions for dogs, cats, fish, hippos (i didnt know they had an action till she told me), lions, tigers, bears, frogs, rabbits, ducks, chickens, cows, horses, monkeys, giraffe (another shocker for me) 
SN: i would love to credit my awesome mommy skills for all of this, but her teachers just really rock
~Every color is yellow or blue
~She can count to 10 but tends to throw a 6  in the mix randomly
Common Lani Phrases:
No tank you
top it (stop it)
I bake it (I break it)
Oh yeah
He's Silly (any one who makes her laugh)
You tink (stink. every time she busts her way in while someone is using the restroom)
Get down (when she wants out of bed) 
 SIT! (which can sometimes be mistaken for another word)
I poo poo 
go potty
yeah mommy
mess-in (her medicine) 
Bow (she is obsessed with bows)
Blow (no matter is the food is hot or cold)
Wayer (water)
I got choo
Owie-hurt (whenever she has a boo boo which is constantly because she is always running)
Tickle tickle

I could go on for days but i'm guessing you get the point.  Cant believe the next update my sweet baby will be 2!!!!

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