Monday, July 2, 2012


I've received a lot of feedback regarding my honesty and openess in my blogs.  Some people think its TMI, while others find it helpful to themselves.

Quite honestly journaling has alway been a part of my life, and to me blogging is like the 2000's version of writing in a diary. i often reread old posts and reflect on them, or think of how my views have changed since then.

But if you know me, then you know that I'm a pretty open person. I've discussed my issues with my marriage; My fears about pregnancy and motherhood; My own internal struggles, whether it be weight loss, depression/anxiety, or even self esteem. Infact I tend to talk too much, which is something that I am working on.

Verbalizing and writing is HOW I COPE. Infact its alot more about me processesing my thoughts by hearing them outloud or rereading them, than it is about receiving feedback.  And while i do read the feedback and appreciate it, that is not my purpose here.

My thought is, I often feel like i'm the only one going through trials and everyone else's life is perfec; its part of that daily internal struggle of why me vs. why not me?  So if I feel that way, maybe someone else does too.

SN:Honestly, there have been quiet a few blogs that i never published, because they were just too personal

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  1. Ashley all I want to say is you rock. People will always have their opinions but you be true to you. For every person that may be appalled by what you do or say, there are 18 more others who appreciate it. I feel like reading your blogs is my way of being there with you if that makes any sense. I know during the summer we dont get to have our morning convos so this way i feel like we are still keeping up. I love you girl! Im in your corner cheering for you. Take care and God bless, UMMMMSSSSSSS


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