Friday, January 22, 2016


Can you believe this is my baby .....

I can't : (

Not really a baby anymore, but forever my baby

So I'm finally posting this... better late than never...

6 year old L facts:
Height: 3'10"
Weight: 39 lbs
Clothes: 5-6
Shoe: 12 1/2
Fave color: pink and purple
Fave outfit: my blue dress from Titi Sheeda (i've hidden it multiple times)
Fave Food: Pizza
Fave toy: American girl doll and shopkins
What song do you love: Drunk in love (mommy fail), "the drop turn-up ayeee song", and Hit the Quan
Best Friend: Addison Ally, but she's really my sister, and Presley
What do you want to be when you grow up: A teacher, a dancer, a mermaid, and a veterinarian
Where do you want to go for vacation: I LOVE Cancun (lol... her words exactly)
What are you really good at: Dancing and singing
If you could have one wish what would it be: To see daddy again (made me tear up a little)
Biggest hero: mommy (made me tear up too)
Fave cereal: Chocolate cereal (coco pebbles)
What sport do you like best: cheerleading

so here are a few pics from her bday shoot and beauty bar party <3 ...="" p="">

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