Friday, August 4, 2017

soundtrack to my life lll- aka my casket playlist

if you've been following my blog for a while, you know i love a good play list, aka the soundtrack to my life.  yesterday in training, my new principal asked a very interesting question.

 "there is a company that has designed a casket that will play music.  the key is that you only get 1 soon... FOREVER... so if you could pick a casket song, what would it be?"

i immediately chose Butterfly by Mariah Carey, circa 1998 tho... not this 2017 Carey...

the more i sat and thought, the more i felt maybe this wouldnt be my current song, and further more, I'm an 80's baby, so there would be a mix tap fo sho !!!

So... with out further ado (i think thats how you spell it )...  here is my casket mixtape:
(what would be on yours...)

for every time someone tried to stop my journey:

 for every time i showed them who i really was:

 how i learned to live:

 what i still find myself praying  for at times :

 what i often find myself asking when times get tough:

 and the response im often given:

and what i learn time and time again and  so often have to remind myself:

and then i remember who i am :

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