Monday, September 1, 2014

A feeling....

From the moment I arrived in Houston  I felt overwhelmed with emotions.  For 2 years I spent every holiday, long weekend, and summer vacation here. Houston was my second home.  As I drove down 45 south I kept thinking, how many times he drove this drive straight from work, just so we could cuddle. He would get there an hour or two before I'd have to wake up. It was a perfect surprise every time.

For a moment it hurt being here because this was the first time I was here without Sean.

Then a calmness and peace set in and I felt at home.

I felt so happy and a huge whole in my heart seemed smaller.

Watching Lani laugh and smile more than I've seen in the last two months, and feeling wrapped in the community of support .

The only tears have been knowing that I have to leave.

SFA Alumni lovingly refer to Nac as "neverland", and being around every one feels exactly like that.  While I know it's not a permanent fix for the hurt we are feeling, it is just what we need.

So for now I'm keeping my eyes on the 2nd star the right and straight on til morning!

See you soon  Houston

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