Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cant believe she's 3 months old!!!!

Wow i cant believe our little Lani is 3 months old.  She is growing up so fast and is such a little diva !!!

~ she is in 0-3 and some 3 month clothing and it actually fits her!!!! 
~ she is teething.  poor thing is forever scratching those gums.  we have starting freezing her pacifiers thanks to Kat
~ she eats four ounces, and baby food today (pic coming soon)
~ she will let you know if she wants her bottle or not
~ she can nudge her pacifier back in if i falls out
~ she finally likes her swing and talks to the lambs on the mobile above her head 
~ she hs a bit of attitude and will give you a "dirty look" if she doesnt want you touching her
~ her "talking" is starting to sound like a conversation, and it sounds like she talking mess sometimes
~ she thinks mommy and daddy are the funniest people ever
~ she is always fashionable in her LMS bows
~ her daycare teachers call her "Fancy Nancy" because she is always dressed up
~ she is on similac now and has a bottle of 1/2 prune juice 1/2 water every day
~ she had her first Easter and her basket was bigger than her
~ she got her ears pierced 

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