Thursday, April 22, 2010

top 3 thursday

Brought to you by Elizabeth and The (Un)Experienced Mom
Where are your Top 3 favorite places to shop?
3.  Macy's!!!  This one is genetic. My grandmother loved Macy's. My mom loves Macy's. It was my first credit card. I danced at the Macy's parade.  Something about that big red star that always makes me smile. If i cant find an outfit any where, I guarantee that I can find one at Macy's.  I even found a dress for my wedding reception there.  i <3 Macy's!
2. Dillards. This store has the best sales on clothes ever. I can always find something super cute for Lani or the Hubby. And when you are the primary shopper for the family, every sale helps!!!
But to anyone who knows me this is not a surprise. I go to target at least twice a week. I buy clothes there, groceries, baby stuff, dvds everything.  And most people say but walmart is cheaper, but i like to consider it a convenience fee.  I never have to wait in super long lines. The store is always clean, and the quality of the products just seem better! (side note... just paid off the target credit card. big mistake getting a credit card to target.  i thought i was going to need an intervention) 
so whats your favorite store???? 

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  1. let's see. I dont think I have top 3 favorite clothing stores because stores are pretty disappointing now a days. Clothes now are made to be low cut, show cleavage, or have the back out..something to draw attention..which is not my style clothes wise. And whenever I go to the store such as khols or the mall to name a few places it just seems like this is what it is. And the clothes that would be decent have the ugliest color schemes. barf!!!!! Maybe express or something would have clothes that would make the cut but I refuse to spend $30+ dollars on a shirt. AND JEANS...dont even get me started lol. Let's say being built as a black woman means pants tend to hug a little too much for my liking. If I had to think of one clothing store, maybe burlington's...... but a store i'm always at is of course, kid needs, homegoods, crafts if i want to get creative, toys, exercise equipment, hallmark cards, auto goods...and can get all of this while getting my oil changed in my car. can we say CONVIENIENT!!!!! Ummz


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