Sunday, April 4, 2010

"Hole-y" Cow & a Babbling Babe!

Miss Langston got her ears pierced on Saturday! Needless to say mommy cried like a baby, but my sweet baby was a champ! I had to walk away while they actually pierced her ears. I got a pic of them as they were about to do it then walked away balling. She however, cried for a second but then was laughing and talking to the ladies who pierced her ears.

And yes i did say talking! my sweet baby seems to think she can talk. And while its a lot more like babbling she will "talk" to anyone. She especially loved when my parents housekeeper was speaking to her in spanish! here is a video of her "talking' for Grandma Dea's weekly update!


  1. My mom had to hold Lexi when we got her ears pierced, I was too much of a chicken and I was crying and it was a mess!

  2. lol. u know i sat and held cemaya's head in place (its the nurse in me). The manager doing the piercing was the one who was nervous lol.. me myself I couldnt wait to see how cute the earrings looked in her ears.....lani's talkin is so cute. i have a video of cemaya talking that this video reminds me of...i love baby babbling....UmmZ


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