Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Club....

3 weeks ago today our family was initiated into a club that none of us signed up for, wanted to be in or even really realized existed.

It was a club for people who experienced sudden loss of a loved one. For some it was a spouse, for others a parent or child....

At first my feelings were that their loss wasn't the same as mine, but that meant Lani's loss wasn't as significant as mine as well and thats just wrong.

My good friend told me "a loss is a loss."  It is different for everyone in the situation but its still a significant loss.

The loss of a husband...
a father.
a son.
a brother.
a best friend
an uncle.
a son-in-law.
a brother in law
a nephew
a boss
a friend
and so on...

He played a significant role in so many peoples lives and we are all hurting.... differently but hurting....

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