Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I've always had an obsession with butterflies and dragon flies....
Something about a living thing transforming into a completely different being, amazes me.

I remember being little and my grandmother telling me that dragonflies were spirits from people who have past, and they come back to guide you.  I did a little research recently and this is a native america symbolism.

Philosophy of Life and Death
When the dragonfly larvae, or nymphs as they are called, are ready, they shed their casing and the graceful adult insect emerges. As much as this represents change, it can also be taken as a symbol of death, when the soul leaves the body. Also that the soul, after leaving the body, resides in a different realm, can be likened to the fact that the life of the dragonfly is also spent in two "realms". While the larval stage of the insect that is spent underwater, can be likened to life on earth, the emerging of the adult insect that has wings and is airborne, can be compared to the soul that is free from the body.
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As a result i've always loved the movie Dragonfly....

Just the thought that our loved ones would find a way to come back to you and guide you, is just beautiful to me....

So..... story round about, since Sean has past (that still seems weird to say), we have seen dragonflies everywhere, especially the cemetery.  Normally we only see one or two, but when we visit the cemetery there are swarms of them.  Now normally that would kind of creep me out, but since Sean's passing it has brought me comfort. I have seen them every single day! The scientist in me is like, maybe it is just a coincidence, that he passed away during the peak of their metamorphosis season.  But the romantic in me feels that it is Sean sending Lani and I loves! Every time she sees a dragonfly she is so excited. "Daddy came to visit us!" The way her face lights up, and she smiles, makes my heart smile.

So thank you Sean for the daily visual reminders that you are always watching over us!   We love you a million xs a billion xs infinity

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