Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Miss Langston actually turns 6 months next week, but since we will be in El Paso with Sean's Family we are posting a week early. 

She had a doctor visit today so we actually have all her stats for once. 
     ~ she received one shot in each leg (4 immunizations total)
     ~  weighs 12.5lbs (2nd percentile)
     ~ 24.5 in (15th percentile)
     ~ head 14 in
As you may have noticed her percentiles are pretty low, so her doctor has contacted a specialist to see if they want Lani to come in. needless to say my heart broke a little.  i knew she was small but didnt realize how small. I will keep you posted.

Whats New~
  •  hold her large bottles now (but usually doesnt)
  • sit up for a while with out tipping over
  • started on gerber 2nd foods (as she was eating two portions of 1st food each sitting)
  • grabs everything, especially hair
  • cries or screams when you take things away 
  • had her 1st 4th of july
  • still teething
  • will take her first plane ride next week
  • constantly babbling and growling
So far thats it but as always i'm sure there is more to come soon!

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  1. She is adorable!! I love reading about her updates. We'll be praying for you to hear good news from the specialist. I know all too well how scary that can be, but try to put your trust in God.


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