Monday, July 19, 2010


I know we sound like some fatties blogging about a steak house, but sean has seriously talked about this place since we first met 10 years ago.  And when food network also stated it was the #1 steak house in the country, the story and legends just got even more myth like (somewhat like the chupacabra i saw running near our house but that will have to be another post!)... All day we heard the count down.  Random outburst of hours mostly ..."9 hours and counting" .... "6 hours and counting"... "1 hour and 42 minutes"...  "as soon as you are ready we are out of here"...

He was so excited that we thought he might explode on the ride down.

Notice the Laptop... He wanted to have a special music playlist for the road to cattlemans (*cough "Dork" *Cough)...He reminded me of a kid on the way to chuck e cheese.

Now i must admit the road to Cattleman some what reminded me of a previous creepy drive in my past. And since we was obviously not proposing again, i had to figure we were really going to a restaurant.  I'm sure i saw a tumbleweed or two... but  way off in the distance something began to appear ...

Now there were a few unsavory guards as we entered, 

but i'm guessing we past the check, because they let us in.

We took a few family pics.
Then he had a quick ego trip and only wanted pics alone..... what-eva

LMAO... After he finished with his "me moment" we had the most amazing diner ever.

So this amazing "Cowboy" steak that i had heard of really existed and was just as big as he said

While we were driving home Sean handed me a paper bag and asked me to "throw it out the window."
When I asked what it was he told me to look inside and this is what a found...

A necklace I had been looking at in the gift shop.  It was the perfect ending to a great night!!!


  1. WHAT a TRIP! Where is it!? I want to go to there! Also, what a sweetie with jewelry at the end!

  2. it is outside of el paso texas in the middle of no where... seriously its a super creepy drive.


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